To scan the Fill it Forward QR Code, open your phone camera and point toward the QR Code. Once the camera has read the QR Code, follow the link to access the Fill it Forward Web App. 

If your phone's camera does not have QR scanning enabled or cannot read the QR Code, try these steps: 

For Android users: (Android 9 +)

1. Open Camera App. 

2. Select More.

3. Select Settings.  

4. Activate Google Lens suggestions to scan QR code.  

For IOS users: 

1. Go to Settings. 

2. Select Camera. 

3. Toggle to enable Scan QR codes. 

If this feature is unavailable for your device, we encourage you to download the Fill it Forward Mobile app for free. The Fill it Forward Mobile App ensures the best experience with five core features that personalize and track your ongoing impact. You can download the Fill it Forward Mobile app here.


For Android users here is a helpful resource to better understand your phone’s QR code reading capabilities. 


If you do not wish to download the Fill it Forward Mobile App, you can download a QR Scanner app. An example is Kaspersky QR Scanner which is available for both IOS and Android (not affiliated with Fill it Forward).