We are sorry to hear you’ve experienced an issue with the Fill it Forward App.

At times we may require a bit more information for us to best support you, as we escalate this with our development team.

Launch App in Debug Mode:

  1. Log out of your app account.

  2. Tap the blue home screen five times (text will change in the bottom right to “QR Code”).

  3. Log back into your account.

  4. Scan sticker barcode (a few times if it doesn’t work).

  5. When the scan fails, go to the Help feature (select profile picture in the top left, then select “Help”).

  6. Select “Send Feedback” (an email will automatically pop up addressed to us).

  7. Hit “Send”.

  8. Log out of Debug Mode (log out of your app account).

  9. Log back in normally.

Thank you for taking the time to assist in this process.